If you listen to political analyst, then former Congress president Rahul Gandhi draw a big line in this current national crisis. In the crisis, he took a strong line to walk together and instead of criticizing the government, he has tried to give a strong message to the government that India can easily win this battle by taking the spirit of national unity. Rahul Gandhi, rising above party politics, put his point in the measured terms like the Statesman of the world.

He touched the most important points and firmly stated that the fight to eradicate Corona from India is not so easy. Therefore, the ego of declaring victory over this epidemic before the fight should be avoided.

Political analyst Pramod Pahwa says, “Rahul Gandhi certainly appeared as a new avatar. He had a deep and taut word. He was asked by journalists to ask him a lot of crooked and bitter questions to try to provoke him something that Modi Or say something to the criticism about his government handling this epidemic. But Rahul also said his words without getting caught in the trap of questions and the government Do not miss the indirect insinuation. ”

Rahul Gandhi cleverly avoided the question of senior journalist Sanjay K Jha of English daily Telegraph whether Will there be any major democratic change in the country after the Corona crisis.

Senior journalist from China and foreign policy affairs Shastri Ramachandran says, “Rahul Gandhi has proved with great confidence that he has a grasp on every issue that stands before the country. People who have a great heart and mind on the burning issues are very determined Are consulting. ”

Even though the poor preparedness to deal with the epidemic, the crisis of test kits and the consequences of the long lockdown announced suddenly on 24 March he could have attacked the Modi government on the state of chaos prevailing across the country. But he did not fall into it. On the contrary, he suggested measures to the government regarding schemes like Minimum Income Guarantee Scheme. In his era, when BJP and Sangh Parivar people have been spearheading the baseless propaganda on the political legacy of Nehru Gandhi family, Rahul has expressed that his thinking is not only completely different from the arrogance of the incumbent regime but also in today’s crisis moments. It is also accurate and practical.

Senior Advocate Ashok Kumar Thakur says, “Whatever things Rahul Gandhi has raised, the Modi government should consider in this hour of crisis. The biggest thing is how the areas free of corona or scarcity will come in the coming days. Will be opened. Also how can the quarantine of hotspots be identified and those apprehensive of infection. The government should think deeply about Rahul Gandhi’s idea that the corona It is very difficult and challenging to control. Not just a lockdown solution.

Political analysts also believe that Rahul Gandhi, while balancing a lot, said that he and his party are with the government in dealing with the epidemic. We will not deal with this matter with politics but will cooperate with the government.

Senior journalist Devasagar Singh, former bureau chief of the Indian Express, says, “Rahul has said his words in a balanced manner. He did not hesitate to expose the government’s exaggerations and shortcomings without any bitterness in gestures. Like Modi about Corona Claims of the government’s move. Congress leader also gave a strong advice to avoid the government’s happiness about the lockdown and maximum corona The government was instructed to intensify the focus on staging. ”

According to economic affairs expert Mohan Guruswamy, Rahul Gandhi’s speech was positive. In this era of social political bitterness, similar positive thinking and national discourse can be started. His words have full potential.


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