The entire country is currently struggling with the crisis caused by the corona virus. But Rajasthan proved to be one such state in the country which has set a unique example in preventing the spread of corona infection. On Tuesday, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said that the condition of corona infection in Rajasthan is under control. He told that about five crore people have been screened out of the state’s population of about 7.5 crore, while the state has done about 15,000 tests, which is the highest after Kerala. 1 lakh beds have been identified within the entire state. In view of this crisis in the state, a separate wing has been created for Crisis Management, which is being monitored by Ashok Gehlot himself.

Bhilwara, which emerged as the first corona zone in the country, has overcome the curfew and then the infection after Mahacurfew. In Bhilwara, curfew and then Mahacurfew continued for the last 13 days. Gehlot said that in the current situation he is not in favor of removing the lockdown. Gehlot said that he believes the lockdown should be removed in a phased manner. He also said that the central government should give the states the authority to take a decision on increasing the lockdown.

Ashok Gehlot, demanding a package of one lakh crore rupees for the states to deal with the Corona crisis, said that even before the arrival of covid-19, the situation of the states was critical throughout the country. The GST share of states is already stalled and the grant is not available. In such a situation, one lakh crore rupees should be given to the states. Also, there is a great need for interest loan through RBI.

During this time, Ashok Gehlot said about the ongoing controversy over the issue of Tablighi Jamaat in Nizamuddin, Delhi, that when the country is fighting the Kovid-19 crisis, this time is not suitable for it. He asked, who allowed the Jamaat to do Jalsa in Markaj? He said that strict action should be taken against whoever broke the rules and regulations, but it is not right to discredit any community in this way.

Gehlot said that an inquiry committee should be formed in this case under the chairmanship of a judge of the High Court or the Supreme Court. There should be milk of milk and water of water, so that it can be clear that those who are guilty should be taken action against those who are found guilty. He said that this investigation will also make it clear whether the administration is also at fault in this or not.

The CM of Rajasthan said that the suggestions made by Congress President Sonia Gandhi to fight Corona and the request made to the Prime Minister that the government should take action immediately. Gehlot said that he hopes that the central government and the state governments work together at such a time and the way Sonia Gandhi has written a letter to the Prime Minister and assured that the entire Congress party will stand with him in this crisis, then this Prime Minister Ji’s duty is to take all political parties and everyone together and take initiative, which will be welcomed by the people of the whole country.


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