The Delhi Police wants to implicate people in the riots in the capital, it is clear that it has caught the big lie of the story behind the conspiracy of the riots. After this lie was caught, the Delhi Police filed another charge sheet, in which that mistake has been rectified. But despite this, there are many flaws in the charge sheet, which makes it clear that the intention of the police is to investigate the riots and not to punish those responsible for it, but to trap other people.

Was the conspiracy hatched on 8 January?

According to a report in The Wire, the Delhi Police say that the riots were hatched to discredit the Indian government by spreading violence during the visit of US President Donald Trump to Delhi. A previously filed charge sheet, citing FIR 65/2020, states that a riot was hatched in a meeting on 8 January 2020 to cause a ruckus at the time of Trump’s visit.

According to the police, at the January 8 meeting, “it was a conspiracy to strongly oppose the CAA-NRC issue, leading to widespread violence and rioting so as to discredit the central government internationally”. An earlier charge sheet said that JNU alumnus Umar Khalid and Aam Aadmi Party’s councilor Tahir Hussain were present in this meeting and they had hatched the conspiracy.

Conspiracy lies?

But the truth is that till that date there was no plan for the US President to visit India. The first news of his arrival in India went on the news channels on 13 January. The Delhi Police has filed a second charge sheet of the Delhi riots, detailing the riots in which many changes have been made and which are different from the earlier ones.
According to ‘The Wire’, according to the charge sheet, the conspirators had a meeting at Chand Bagh in Mustafabad at 2 pm on 16-17 February, in which it was decided that at different places in North East Delhi during the time of Donald Trump’s visit to Delhi. Block all over and all the protesters should take measures that spread violence.

Police lie

But the Delhi Police still says that on 8 January, umar Khalid, Tahir Hussain and Shafi met in the office of the Popular Front of India at Shaheen Bagh in which violence was planned. This was said by BJP’s IT cell.

The charge sheet also states that two TV channels played the edited part of Omar Khalid’s long speech. But he also said that his reporter did not have a video of it and it was given to him by the BJP’s IT cell.

Kapil Mishra

In the charge sheet of Delhi riots, the police have tried to make this statement of Omar Khalid trying to incite a riot, but it does not consider the provocation of BJP leader Kapil Mishra, in which he gives an ultimatum for three days in the presence of the police officer saying He will then hit the streets.

Kapil Mishra gathers people and in the presence of the police says that if the anti-CAA protest workers are not removed, they will remove themselves.
The supplementary charge sheet also names Sitaram Yechury of CPIM, Professor Apoorvananda and Yogendra Yadav of Delhi University, though they have not been named as accused.

But in a video on social media on February 23, it is clear that Kapil Mishra gave a speech at a pro-CAA rally in Maujpur. DCP (North) Ved Prakash Surya is standing next to him and Mishra is saying, ‘They want to protest in Delhi. So they have closed the way. So they have created a riot-like situation, we have not thrown stones.
He further says, DCP is standing next to me and I want to say on your behalf that US President Donald Trump is in India, we are calm. After this, if the road is not open, we will not listen to you, we will have to get on the road.

Many flaws

There are many flaws in the story of Delhi Police, which is clear from its own charge sheet. The charge sheet stated that filmmaker Rahul Rai was the mastermind of the road jam and his Wattsgroup Delhi Protest Support Group had a chat related to it. But police could not provide any other evidence other than these chats, and this chat has also been taken from different places. In these chats, the good-and-bad of the protests is being talked about, it is not about violence.
Police say that most people on this WhatsApp group support Chakka Jam, but Banojyotsna Lahiri questions it. The police praise it, but he does not know that this woman is a friend of Omar Khalid.

Police gritty

Earlier, former IPS officer Julio Ribeiro has put the Delhi Police in the dock for investigating the Delhi riots. Ribeiro has written to Delhi Police Commissioner SN Srivastava saying that the commissioner has not responded to the ‘license to three top BJP leaders’.

Ribeiro wrote, ‘The Delhi Police has taken action against the people who are protesting peacefully, but it deliberately failed to register cognizable offenses against those who spread hate speeches, leading to riots in Northeast Delhi.’ He has also received the Padma Bhushan Award and has been the Ambassador of India to Romania.


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