The coranaviruses have caused great damage to the airline and hospitality sector, which has put the job of two lakh employees working with private airport operators in the country under threat. The Assessment of Private Airport Operators (APAO) has urged the Center not only to provide a financial relief package, but also to maintain the key infrastructure assets that keep the sector intact.

Currently, the jobs of about 2,40,000 people working at airport sites are under threat, including those from airport operations. The impact of the layoffs will be felt across the country, as New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad are some of the major airports handled by private establishments.

Currently no domestic or international flights are allowed until the April 14 lockdown deadline. Only cargo operations have been allowed, causing huge losses to these airlines. These airlines have not only reduced their earnings, but are under tremendous pressure to pay the revenue of many management deals related to the respective airports.

“We have requested the government to take some relief measures for private airport operators, which will directly reduce the financial burden on airports due to coronavirus outbreaks,” Association of Private Airport Operators General Secretary Satyan Nair told IANS. . ” He said, “In the absence of any relief measures, it will only be a matter of a few days and not months as operators may have to move towards drastic cuts to maintain costs. Relief needs to be given now.” . “


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