As we’re in the middle of Lock down 3.0, there is no respite from this pandemic as Corona positive cases in the country is fast approaching 60,000 mark & deaths closer to 2,000. The State which worries me at this stage is none other than our PM Narendra Modi’s own State Gujarat.

Gujarat is the only state in our country which is governed by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for last 25 years. Our Prime Minister was CM of that state for 12 consecutive years. Moreover ex. BJP National President & Current Central Home Minister Amit Sha also hails from Gujarat. We have heard about a so called ‘Gujarat Model’ particularly from 2012 onwards right up to the 2014 General Elections. Godi media was hell bend on teaching us about Gujarat Model & the progress made by gujarat under Narendra Modi. The Coronation of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India in 2014 was vastly attributed to the stories on Gujarat Model.

What is Gujarat Model ???

In Reality Gujarat, the Land of Our Great forefathers Mahatma Gandhi & Sardar Patel was renowned for business & trade for Centuries. The Industrial Revolution happened in Gujarat & the prosperity we see in the urban centres of the state is mainly due to the efforts of the past Congress governments. The Gujarat Model, that Modi & BJP endorses is mainly about helping billionaires & not spending much in Health, Education & Social welfare schemes. It was all about giving lolipopes to people and dividing them on religious lines for political mobilisation. Compared to a state like Kerala, the hospital beds in Gujarat is just 942/million whereas Kerala has 2918 beds/million. ICU beds is just 47/million Compared to 146/million of Kerala. Ventilators are just 23/million compared to 73/million of Kerala. ie. a state like Kerala is 3 times ahead of Gujarat in Health facilities. The same model is now being implemented in our country for last 6 years.

The model which doesn’t invest much on Health Care is falling apart before our eyes in the onslaught of a pandemic like COVID19. Gujarat has reported 7403 Cases & 449 deaths as of now. With Army Columns being deployed, Ahmedabad having 5260 cases & 343 deaths is fast emerging as one of the major hot spots in our country. The major worry for Gujarat is the increasing fatality rate. With 6% death rate, it’s second to West Bengal in fatality rates in the whole country. While Maharashtra has most cases & most deaths, the hospital infrastructure there is much better compared to Gujarat & the death rate is far less with 3.9%. Gujarat is facing a far bigger challenge with ill equipped health facilities & with Chief Minister Vijay Rupani himself pleading for renowned doctors from Delhi via Centre.

As we see the tearing apart of the Gujarat Model, am more concerned about the lives of innocent people in cities like Ahmedabad, where district administration is providing a gloomy picture. The PR management of Trump Re-election, ‘Namaste Trump’ held in the city is widely considered as the reason for the present situation in Ahmedabad. If the situation worsenes and many innocent lives are lost in the time being, everyone in the higher ups from PM Narendra Modi to CM Vijay Rupani will be held responsible for their pro-super rich faulty policies in the last 25 years, which alienated the average Gujarati citizen from the basic health facilities available in many other states of our country. And history will not be kinder to these so called rulers.


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