With the onset of winters and the Pandemic Covid-19 it becomes difficult for the people to keep themselves safe in this chilly winters. But the government instead of listening to the people and their needs are busy in ward level elections of Hyderabad. Their way of functioning is same just to capture the state, district or for that matter they have now stooped to ward level as well. Earlier govt.’s used to work day in day out for the people but the NDA-2 is busy in elections. They need to be a little sensitive towards the people that with the abrupt lockdown in March which was followed by Janta curfew on 22nd March and by continuous warnings given by Congress that we need to think about the people and their welfare but our PM was busy in welcoming the then President of USA and instead of listening to Congress they are working in a Hitler manner and judiciously serving to some of their industrialist friends. People don’t have jobs but our PM is doing his Mann ki Baat which tells the youth to become Atma Nirbhar i.e Free from Jobs and Do their own work but our PM is so innocent that he doesn’t know that for that you need Capital of which is the greater shortage.

Coming to the Covid-19 people don’t have the basic amenities like food, water, healthy air, and to buy the food they need money for which they need to have Jobs of which are the greatest shortage in this govt. In 2019 we all must have come across that India is going through the highest unemployment in the last 45 years. This is before Covid-19 and we must not forget that with the abrupt lockdown in March-May close to 2 months. Just calculate how much the small sectors like MSME must have been affected with it and with the policy of this govt to talk in a honey like sweet language but when we you ask money from them. They behave as if you have asked them to donate their salaries but won’t help the general public. Of which many were forced to work under the less salaries and if you have the PM in your pockets then you can ask for anything.

For everything they have just slogans slogans and zero work at ground
For youth asking jobs: Aatma Nirbhar
For farmers asking MSP: MSP is there, don’t you believe us.
For the Women’s safety: Beti Padhao Beti Bachao
For Corona: Do Ghaz ki Doori Ab hai Zaroori ( 2ft distance is necessary), Dawai Nahi Dhillai Nahi (No carelessness till medicine is developed).
Someone please tell them we have had enough of your slogans. We don’t need that we want the work like job creation at a large level for 10th, 12th pass, Graduates, Post graduates or whatever is his expertise he/she must get the job according to his educational qualifications. So, that he/she can lead his life in a peaceful manner but the verdict from Lok Kalyan Marg is just not understandable.


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