After China, now the corona virus epidemic is wreaking havoc in Europe. People in Italy are the most affected after China. The situation in Italy is so bad that 349 people died in a single day. That is, more than 700 people have died in 48 hours and these figures are going to increase. With this, the death toll has gone beyond 2000.

France has also announced a nationwide lockdown for the next 15 days. French President Emmanuel Macron addressed the nation on the Corona virus issue. Macron ordered that Corona’s infection not increase so it is imperative that French citizens not leave the house for the next 15 days at least and to minimize their social interaction as much as possible. He also said that anyone who violates this order will also be punished.

Explain that emergency has been declared in many countries including Spain, Kazakhstan and America. Russia has also sealed its borders. India has banned movement from 32 countries, including stopping traffic at the border.

Let us know that the outbreak of Corona virus has now spread to 145 countries. So far, 7007 people have died due to this disease and about one lakh two lakh people have been affected.


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