Cases of corona virus infection in India are increasing every hour, around 150 people have been confirmed to be corona infected and so far three deaths have occurred. But questions are being raised about the limited number of corona virus tests. So far, only 150 cases of corona virus have been reported in India with a population of 1.25 billion, which is very less compared to other countries.

The Health Ministry claims that all the cases of corona that have been reported so far have either returned from abroad or people who have come in contact with them have suffered from corona. The ministry has ruled out that community transmission is taking place in India.

Questions are also being raised about the number of cases of corona virus infection in India. According to Aaj Tak some analysts say that fewer cases of corona virus infection in India are due to fewer tests. At present, only those people are being investigated in India who have either returned to travel to any country or have come in contact with persons who have returned from abroad. Analysts say that this is not good at all. Corona virus infection should no longer be decided solely on the basis of foreign travel.

Researcher at the John Hopkins Center for Health Security, Dr. Amesh Adalaja said India could take a lesson from the US mistake in dealing with the Corona virus. There have been 100 deaths due to corona virus in the US so far. America’s biggest mistake was that it limited the corona virus to only travel and made limited screening rules for people from China. Whereas, if there was a large-scale testing, it could help prevent infection.

Not being able to identify community transmission in time proved fatal for Italy, Spain, Iran and America. Due to low medical facilities in India, there are fears that many people may die due to community transmission.

Experts say that community transmission is happening in many countries. In this case, instead of restricting the investigation to only the travelers returning from abroad or the people in contact with them, investigation of corona virus infection should be provided on the basis of symptoms.


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