There is a fear of coronavirus in the mind of people across the country. In such a situation, there are reports from every corner of the country that since the lockdown, people have started walking and they have walked from the city towards their home. Meanwhile, a woman walked thirty kilometers on Thursday to the hospital for the treatment of her ailing one-year-old son due to lockdown. Maya Devi, a woman from Anchwara village in Chitrakoot district, lives with her family near Guptagodavari in Madhya Pradesh. Her two-year-old son was feeling unwell for two days.

In the early hours of Thursday, when the condition worsened, the woman came to Karvi, a distance of thirty kilometers from Guptagodavari to Chitrakoot for treatment, and got her son treated in a private hospital.

Maya Devi said on Friday, “Her son’s health was very bad. No vehicles were found on the way when the she walked on foot from Guptagodavari in the early hours of Thursday. She requested many policemen for help but none helped because of the lockdown. She told that after reaching Chitrakoot, the child has been treated, now the health of the child is quite good. ”

7 people died due to corona virus across the country on Thursday. Now the death toll from this virus has increased to 20 in the country. On Thursday, 71 new cases were registered across the country. With this, the number of infected patients in the country has crossed 700.


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