Corona virus is causing havoc all over the world including India. A record 865 people died in the US in a single day. The number of corona patients here has reached 188530. So far, about 4 thousand people have lost their lives in America.

US President Donald Trump said, “The next 30 days are extremely important for the US in the war against the corono virus epidemic, as the number of people infected with the deadly disease and the number of dead in the country are steadily increasing. The next 30 days are challenging times.”

The White House has feared that the death toll from Corona could go from one lakh to two lakh forty thousand. The White House has said that if people did not follow the rules of social distancing, the death toll in the country could go from 15 to 22 lakhs.

The situation in America is getting frightening by the day. Despite this, President Donald Trump has not announced a lockdown in the country. The people of America are facing a lot of trouble at this time and President Donald Trump also announced a relief package for the people a few days ago.



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