Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has questioned the Yogi government’s decision. the Uttar Pradesh government has arranged a special bus for the  people who are going home on foot. Nitish Kumar has said on this that sending people by special bus is a wrong step. Talking to the NDTV, the Chief Minister of Bihar said that this will spread the disease, which will be difficult for everyone to prevent and handle. He said that this decision would completely fail the lockdown. The fellow Bihar CM suggested that camps should be organized at the local level to make arrangements for people to live and eat.

Let us know that thousands of people from Delhi-NCR are leaving on foot to go to their homes. After this, the UP government has arranged 200 buses. These buses will depart from Noida-Ghaziabad by every two hours. These buses can mostly carry passengers from Purvanchal and Bihar. It may be relief for these passengers who have been suffering from many days, but the truth is that if any of these passengers get infected, then there can be a big problem. However, Delhi Government have assured arrangements for these people. But these people say that whatever disease is there, will face it in our village.

The global epidemic corona virus is spreading rapidly in India. According to the data released by the Ministry of Health on Saturday, the number of infected patients in the country now stands at 873. In the last 24 hours, 149 new cases have been reported. Of these, 79 people either recovered or were discharged from the hospital. While 19 have died. At the same time, the first death due to the virus has occurred in the state of Kerala, the first corona virus case in the country.


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