The condition of daily wage workers is deteriorating amidst the ongoing lockdowns across the country. Work is off Such laborers have no food to eat. This is the reason why the daily laborers from different cities of the country, including Delhi-NCR, have left for their homes on foot for a journey of hundreds of kilometers despite the closure of the traffic service.

Such daily laborers were seen walking to their homes on the Delhi-Ghazipur border. Train and bus services are closed due to lockdown. “Walking to my house”, a laborer said that my village is 250-300 km away, I am going there. The laborer said that if he found vehicle, he would go from it or else he would go on foot.

In the midst of the crisis of corna virus in the country, there were frequent signs that mountain of troubles may break on the labour and on a worker of unorganized sector. Several days ago, Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi had indicated this. Both leaders demanded an economic package from PM Modi for daily wage laborers. Sonia Gandhi had expressed concern about the livelihood of laborers in a letter to PM Modi. Rahul Gandhi demanded from PM Modi that the government should announce an economic package for crores of daily wage laborers at the earliest, but the government did nothing like this.

At the same time, Rahul Gandhi also draw a attention of the Modi government. He had said that daily wage workers should get immediate assistance. He said that cash should be directly transferred to his account. Ration is available for free. Rahul Gandhi had said that any delay in it would prove disastrous. Despite this, no steps are being taken by PM Modi and his government for the daily laborers.


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