Every country is helpless in the current time. Whether it is a small country or a superpower like America, no one is running ahead of this virus. After China, Italy and Spain, Corona has started to wreak havoc in America as well. There have been around 10,000 cases of corona virus in a single day and 150 people have died due to this infection. The corona virus has also diluted the economic condition of superpowers. However, US President Donald Trump has expected the country’s economy to be back on track by April 12. Despite the lockdown deployment of the National, at least 53 people died in New York and at least 5,000 new cases were reported on Tuesday. New York has the highest number of corona cases reported. More than 25 thousand people have been found infected with this virus alone, while 210 people have died.

According to WorldMeter, a website that provides information of the cases of covid-19, around 10,000 new cases of infection were reported across the country on Tuesday alone, bringing the total number of corona virus cases to around 54,000, while 150 people died in a single day. The total number increased to around 700. In addition to New York, New Jersey, California, Michigan, Illinois and Florida have also become centers of the corona virus. However, no new case or death has been reported in the state of Washington, which came first in the grip of this disease.


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