Recently, there was a lots of controversy over the letter written to Congress president Sonia Gandhi by 23 senior leaders seeking a permanent President. According to sources, the election committee has now started work on the election process. And has also held two rounds of meetings.

According to Election Commission sources, the Election Committee will be ready to elect 12 members of the working committee, including the post of party chairman, within a month and the Congress president has been informed about it.

After convening a meeting of the working committee, the election committee will issue a notification. Elections to the working committee will be held by mid-January and the Congress will get its new chairman in January 2021.

It may be recalled that this time the election will be a general election but in a way an interim election as the last permanent president was elected in 2017 with a term of 2022 but in the meantime Rahul Gandhi resigned and Sonia Gandhi was made the interim president. The chairman will remain in office until the next election.

Congress elections this time will not be normal so only AICC members will vote in the elections this time. Before the elections, the recently reconstituted working committee will also submit its resignation and a new working committee will be elected.

The big question now is whether Rahul Gandhi will contest the elections on the insistence of not becoming the president. Rahul Gandhi has repeatedly said that he will not become the president. He even said in the working committee meeting after his resignation that he will not become himself and no one from the Gandhi family Will become


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