The Punjab Congress will hold a state-wide protest on February 11 against the fuel and LPG price hike by the Centre.

Punjab Congress Committee chief Sunil Jakhar on Monday said protests will be held across the state from 11 am till 1 pm.

“Due to oppressive policies of the Centre, each segment of the society is distressed. On one side, the Centre’s ego is forcing farmers to protest and on the other hand, it is putting undue financial burden on common man by hiking prices of petrol, diesel and gas,” Sunil Jakhar alleged in a statement here.

He said a gas cylinder used to cost Rs 438/- in 2014 when Dr Manmohan Singh was the prime minister.

Same cylinder now costs over Rs 750/-, he said, adding that this too when prices of crude oil is almost half than what it used to be in 2014.

“The prices of oil and gas should have come down as a result of decrease in crude oil prices but the Centre is deliberately increasing prices each time to break the back of the common man,” alleged Jakhar.


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