After a military skirmish in the Galvan Valley, China once again tried to pressure India through a government newspaper. According to the mouthpiece of the Chinese government, the Global Times, if the tension on LAC increased, India would have to bear the brunt of pressure from China as well as the army of Pakistan and even Nepal. To understand it in simple terms, it means that Pakistan and Nepal can support China in the event of deteriorating conditions on the Indo-China border.

Let us tell you that there was a military skirmish between India and China in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh on Monday night. 20 soldiers of India were martyred. Reports claimed that 43 Chinese soldiers were either killed or injured.

Conspiracy to create mental pressure

The Global Times is the mouthpiece of the ruling Communist Party in China. That is, its articles are the view of the Chinese government. The newspaper has been publishing articles threatening India for many days. He has published an article by Hu Zhiong, a research fellow at the Shanghai Academy of Social Science. In this, Zhiong said, “At present, India is having a border dispute with China and also with Pakistan and Nepal. Pakistan and China have close relations. Nepal is also our partner. Both countries are part of China’s One Belt Road project. ”

India does not have such military strength

Zhiong further states, “If India increases tension on the border, it will face military pressure on three fronts. His forces do not have enough strength to withstand this pressure. India can be crushed. ” According to Zhiong, China does not want to change LAC. He also alleges that the Indian Army is responsible for what happened in Galvan Valley. Because, it was the Indian army that provoked the Chinese soldiers.

India should investigate 

The article further said, “India should decide that events like Galvan Valley do not happen again in future.” Understanding China as weak can be overwhelming for India. The Government of India should investigate the Galvan Valley case. Those responsible should be punished severely. ” The newspaper has also published a statement from a military expert in China. However, his name was not mentioned. According to this statement, China did not reveal the number or names of its soldiers killed or wounded because it could increase tensions.


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