In every way you look, on 14 June 2020, Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput died due to suicide. The police had corrected it by registering it as an accidental death – indeed ‘unnatural death’.

But what is visible is the uneasiness of toppling the ‘Mahavikas Aghadi’ government. It seems that the ruling party at the center has chosen Sushant’s untimely death as an opportunity.

Till now the process has been that if the investigators did not get a clue that someone had actively instigated that actor to take his life, then this case would have ended.

A few days before Sushant’s death, his former manager Disha Salian also died by suicide. Under which circumstances she did this could not be clear. There may or may not be a relationship between these two suicides. However, it has to be installed clearly.

Since Sushant Singh’s dead body was found hanging from his bedroom fan and locksmith was called to open a locked door from the inside, it seems that suicide is only possible to ‘turn’ into a possible murder if the facts and ‘Comprehensive forgery’ should be done with the documents related to the post mortem.

Sushant Singh Case: Who is really on the target?

The cabinet minister of Maharashtra, Aditya Thackeray, is really on target in this whole noise. The milk teeth were not broken yet that this young man was installed as a complete minister in his father’s government. He is still 30 years old and naturally his ‘desire to gain sky’ will be keenly watched by his adversary and political rival.

In all information, Sushant’s last partner Rhea Chakraborty told NDTV in an interview that central government investigators had indicated to her that ‘AU’ in his cell phone contact list meant Aditya Uddhav. Whereas, she had written to his friend Anay Udhas as AU. She did not know Aditya Thackeray personally on his behalf and she claims that she never met him. He said that the picture seen in the car with Aditya was definitely not his.

It seems that the ruling party at the center became ‘very active’ in view of the widespread sympathy among the common people for Sushant Singh Rajput.

All kinds of statements and derogations were started which linked Aditya Thackeray to the death of the late actor. Aditya himself has admitted that he knew Sushant in general. It was not such ‘friendship’ that made an impact in the actor’s life and his big decisions.

Sushant Singh Case: Should CBI have been linked to this case?

The ruling government at the center started exposing and using this issue to intensify the attack on the state government of Maharashtra. The Enforcement Directorate had started investigating the possibility of Sushant’s income being used by Rhea, her family and employees in money laundering. When the results did not get the desired results, their hope rested on the CBI investigation. It has been given permission from the Supreme Court (it is wrong) to take over the investigation in which the crime of abetment of suicide is registered on the complaint of Sushant’s father on behalf of Bihar Police.

There is nothing wrong in this that the Bihar Police registered an FIR for a crime that was reported to have taken place in Mumbai. But it is new that the incident in the jurisdiction of another state was being investigated in parallel.

The Bihar Police should have filed a zero FIR and handed it over to the Mumbai Police so that it could complete the investigation. The process has always been that in the police station area where cognizance is also first taken. The court should have insisted on this valid procedure and not handed over the case to the CBI which was ‘waiting for its turn’ to join it.

Rajput Connection and Bihar Election 2020

The NCB is expected to disclose major drug cases at the interstate level. The NCB is not looking at individual cases of drug use, as is happening in this case.

In the Sushant Singh Rajput case, Mumbai Police, Bihar Police ED, CBI and now NCB have taken both time and energy. It seems that to take advantage of the opportunity, the ruling party is unnecessarily blaming the case of ‘one failed love’. And don’t forget the upcoming elections in Bihar. The Rajput community is small but it is also powerful and influential.


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