Amidst Corona, China and Economic downfall along with the virtual rallies the BJP government continues to push certain critical legal amendments that affect the lives of common people in general. One such example is the latest “CANTONMENT BILL 2020”. Quite in agreement with the present government’s working style, through this latest draft of the bill the government shows its complete determination to erase all the good efforts of the previous Congress government with a political bias and ultimately making the bill an undemocratic one. In a discussion in Lok sabha on 10th December 2012 the then Defence Minister Mr. A.K.Antony provided the following brif history of Cantonment Boards:

A Cantonment Board is a body corporate under the Cantonments Act, 2006 having perpetual succession. A list of the 62 Cantonment Boards in the country is enclosed below. As per Section 10(2) of the Act, every Cantonment Board is deemed to be a municipality under clause (e) of article 243P of the Constitution for the purpose of:-

(i) Receiving grants and allocations; or
(ii) Implementing the Central Government schemes of social sector, public health,

hygiene, safety, water supply, sanitation, urban renewal and education. Central welfare schemes like Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM), Indira AwasYojana and National Slum Development Programme have not been extended to any Cantonment Board including the Deolali Cantonment Board located at Nasik. However, Government of Maharashtra has partly extended assistance and benefits under various schemes including Central welfare schemes covering areas of education, health and family welfare, to Deolali Cantonment Board.

Now the new draft today can be critically examined in comparison with its predecessor through this presentation:

In short the proposals of the new draft appear to be another tool of the present propaganda based central government of BJP. For example the draft has been circulated in English among the common residents of a cantonment area Ramgarh, in Jharkhand where the residents are facing trouble in understanding the draft also. This clearly shows the government’s intent towards discouraging democratic practices among common mass.



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