Corona virus is causing furore worldwide. Sophie Trudeau, wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has been found to be Corona virus positive. This has been confirmed after investigation. On the other hand, PM Justin Trudeau started living separately from his wife after the symptoms of Corona virus appeared in his wife. Despite this, the Canadian Prime Minister will now stay at home for 14 days and will work under the supervision of doctors.

Let you know that 138 positive cases have been reported in Canada so far, which are being kept under surveillance. Only one death has occurred in Canada due to the corona virus. The worldwide death toll from coronavirus has risen to 4973. A total of 1,34,679 cases have been reported so far. At the same time, in the country, the cases of corona virus are also increasing. Corona virus has caused the first death in Karnataka. The person who died was 76 years old. So far 73 cases of this deadly disease have been reported in india.

In the wake of the threat of infection of the Corona virus, US President Donald Trump and Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, who visited Washington, greeted each other from Indian tradition by saying “Namaste” at the White House here on Thursday. US President Donald Trump said, “We (Trump and the Prime Minister of Ireland) did not join hands today and we looked at each other and said what are we going to do?” It was a strange feeling. This is how we did (folded hands) I have just returned from India and I did not join hands there. it was easy.”

Brazilian President Jer Borsonaro met with US President Donald Trump in the past. The officer who was with him during that time has been found positive in the corona virus. After this now the Brazilian President is also being tested.

At the same time, Spanish Minister Irene Montero has also been hit by Corona. The government said on Thursday that Minister Montero has been found positive in the investigation of coronavirus infection. Montero is stationed in Quarantine along with one of his colleagues, Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo and Podemus Party leader Pablo Iglesias. After this, all the ministers of the government have been asked to get the coronavirus examined.




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