The farmers, who are protesting against the new agricultural laws of the Narendra Modi government, have got the support of many leaders outside India too. These leaders from the UK, Canada and the US have supported the farmers and criticized the Modi government for how to deal with the demonstrations.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s name is prominent among these leaders. He has said, “If I did not start paying attention to the news coming from India about the demonstration by the farmers, I would have been remiss. The situation is worrying… Canada will always stand to protect the rights of peaceful protesters. We have approached the Indian authorities in many ways to highlight our concerns. “

These leaders supported farmers from UK

Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi

Labor Party MP Tanmanjit Singh Dhesi, referring to the farmers being beaten, tweeted, “I stand with farmers from Punjab and other parts of India, including our family and friends, who are demonstrating peacefully .

John McDonnell

Labor MP John McDonnell has said, “I agree with Tanmanjit Singh Dhesi.” Such repressive behavior against peaceful protesters is unacceptable and tarnishes India’s reputation. ”

Preet Kaur Gill

Labor MP Preet Kaur Gill has tweeted, “Shocking scenes from Delhi.” The farmers are peacefully opposing the controversial bills (now law) which will affect their livelihood. Water canon and tear gas are being used to silence them.

Many more leaders from Canada in favor of farmers

Jagmeet Singh

Jagmeet Singh has tweeted, “It is appalling to commit violence against farmers protesting peacefully by the Government of India.” I stand with farmers across Punjab and India – and, I call upon the Indian government to engage in dialogue in a peaceful manner rather than violence. ”

Jack harris

MP from St. John’s East, Jack Harris has tweeted, “We are surprised to see the oppression of the Government of India against the farmers who are opposing the new laws, these (with the new laws) will endanger their livelihood.” Instead of using water canon and tear gas, the Indian government should negotiate openly with farmers.

Andrea Horwath

Leader of the Opposition in the Ontario Assembly, Andrea Horwath, tweeted, “I stand with farmers in India who are demonstrating peacefully, as well as their loved ones here in Ontario who are witnessing the horrific violence.” He said that everyone should get a chance to exercise their democratic rights without fear of violence of the state.

Gurratan Singh

Gurratan Singh, who represented Brampton East in the Ontario Provincial Parliament, spoke on the performance of farmers in the House itself. He said, “Farmers are under attack in India … That is why I am asking this House to stand with the farmers against these unjust laws brought by the Government of India.”

Sara Singh

MPP Sara Singh from Brampton Center has tweeted, “As a granddaughter of a farmer from Punjab, I stand with the farmers who are fighting to save their livelihood and protest against the harm laws Huh.”

Harmeet Dhillon from America in support of farmers

Advocate and Republican Party official Harmeet Dhillon has tweeted that he “feels heartbroken after seeing an attack on farmers protesting against the laws of the Indian government”. He has appealed to PM Modi to listen to the farmers and ask them Visit


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