Some history of RSS which says that when India’s independence movement was at its peak during the time of 1940’s where the RSS chief himself said that they will get the freedom through defending religion and culture but not through fighting with britishers which says their contribution towards Indian independence.

Now coming back to their dragon agenda which are actually tearing apart the very nature of India which is secular. What they do is ‘Garv se Kaho Hum Hindu hain’ which means Say it with pride that we are Hindus. We were never like this as our religion is something very personal to us. They say ‘Jai Shree Ram’ with a saffron flag and you will find this saffron color on all the right wingers people social media profiles, on their cars like Brahmin Boy, Rajput boy which depicts that certainly they are not Hindus at the very first place. They are some aggressive people who are trying to create hooliganism which never was India and will never be. Some of RSS dark past which involves like they never believed in the National flag of India which is Tricolour. They had the problem with our Constitution. They teared the copies of constitution and wanted Manu’s laws in the Indian constitution. They want Hindu-Rashtra which is certainly unlike India. They killed Mahatma and there were proofs of that and were banned for quite a good period of time. Even Sardar Patel who once acknowledged RSS work in maintaining order in 1947 but after Mahatma’s death he was also sure of their poisonous activities. Coming to RSS we now see people like Right wingers Muslims. I know this may be a new word for you guys they are those Muslims who again don’t believe in the India and are again trying to create big air of their Allah and that too in the aggressive manner. Certainly we don’t need both of them, they both are dangerous for the very secular thinking of the Indians.

We were the ones who gave a lot in the different fields to the world and in-numerable inventions in the fields of Cloth and material production like Buttons, Muslin, Carding devices (Kaman and dhunki), Charkha, Calico, Prayer flags, Science and technology ( Plough, Indian ink, Shampoo, toe stirrup) , Mathematics( Quadratic equations, Zero, Basu’s theorem, Fibonacci series, Baudhayana who gave the theorem which is now known as Pythagoras, Pascal’s triangle), Medicine( Ayurveda, Cataract surgery, Cure for leprosy disease), Mining, Sciences( Atom, Gravity, Bose-Einstein statistics), Well-being of the people (Yoga, Meditation). These are just the ones which I could recall but the inventions by Indians to the world are innumerable. Believe me we were born great, we are one great nation and we lead a miserable lives because we are divided on the region, religion, castes, sub castes, religious rubbish. Believe me the people who don’t have any insight other than religion. They don’t know beyond religion, caste, gender, region and the petty things they care about is what do you wear, what you pray in the morning, what you eat, what is your ideology but they least care, about Who we are actually. Guys we are Indians first. Being just a Hindu or a Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jew will always take a back seat because we are Indians and that should be the first and foremost priority.

Earlier we were Indians and doing pretty good but Now we are just Hindus or Muslims or Sikh or Christians, Sindhi etc and this will not give us anything in the future. Understand the RSS and all those people which involves their religion first and who you are as a person, what are you doing in your life, what are your life challenges doesn’t matter to them. Then just tell them or if I am not wrong some Movie had this dialogue when it comes to Religion we write in the bold letter as INDIAN.

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