After all, that name has come out, which has been speculated for the past one week that who cracked the deal of Operation Lotus between Jyotiraditya Scindia and BJP? The name has emerged as its architect, that of BJP spokesperson and former banker Zafar Islam. The BJP leadership kept Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan and some leaders of MP as backup support.

This was confirmed on Wednesday when Jyotiraditya joined the BJP, Zafar himself came to meet him at his Delhi residence and was caught in cameras. The special thing is that after everything is done according to the plan, he did not hide himself and came straight to the front. After 35 minutes of conversation with Scindia, at 2.10am, Zafar took him in his own Land Rover car and took him to BJP headquarters. Moved to where Scindia joined BJP in the presence of JP Nadda and the party also gave her a ‘gift of return’ as a Rajya Sabha ticket.

Who is Zafar Islam

The full name of Zafar Islam is Dr. Syed Zafar Islam ,His career in BJP is just 7 years old but his stature has grown rapidly. As a BJP spokesperson, Zafar Islam is a well-known face for the media. In debates on TV channels, he favors the BJP every day and interferes with the party’s stinging questions. Zafar Islam was the MD of Deutsche Bank and served abroad before coming to India’s politics. Currently he is also an independent director on the board of Air India and a BJP spokesperson.

How did this deal happen

Zafar and Jyotiraditya Scindia’s relationship is old. It started during Zafar’s banking career when Scindia was the Union Commerce Minister in the UPA government. Even after joining the politics of Madhya Pradesh, Sindia used to meet Zafar whenever he lived in Delhi. He was constantly meeting to bring Jyotiraditya to BJP. According to information received from sources, recently Jyotiraditya and Zafar had a series of five meetings. Scindia himself had proposed to join the BJP.

Why BJP trusts Zafar ?

Zafar Islam has good relations with PMModi and he is also in the good books of Amit Shah and JP Nadda. This is the reason why the soft-spoken Zafar Islam was tasked by the BJP high command to maintain contact with Scindia from the very beginning in the ambitious ‘Operation Lotus’.
Syed Zafar Islam had said in an article in Indian Express some time back – ‘I have done a lot of work in the finance sector. I was the MD of Deutsche Bank when I entered politics in 2013, coincidentally during which I met Narendra Modi. Modi met me warmly and said that if I want to join with his dream of nation-building, I can join. I am now the National Spokesperson of BJP.


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