In Bihar elections 2020, Left parties CPI, CPI (M), CPI (ML) have done quite well. Together these three parties had to contest elections on 29 seats, out of which these parties have either trending or won on 18 seats. So far, one candidate each of CPI and CPI (M) has won, while 12 candidates of CPI (ML) are leading.

CPI (ML) contested in 19 seats, out of which 12 candidates are leading or have won. The CPI contested on 6 seats, out of which candidates won or won in 3 seats. The CPI (M) contested only 4 seats, out of which it was leading in 3 seats.

Trends have come for the 243 seats of Bihar Elections 2020. By 7 pm, the NDA seems to be getting a majority. JDU has so far won two seats. At the same time, BJP has won 6 seats. Right now the NDA alliance has an edge over 120 seats. Seeing the NDA getting a majority, the celebration of BJP supporters has started in many cities.

At the same time, the Grand Alliance is ahead in more than 100 seats. According to Election Commission data, the difference of votes in about 70 seats is less than 1000. Apart from this, RJD has won two seats and Congress has won one seat.

The Election Commission has said that out of a total of 4.11 crore votes, by 5:30 pm, 2.7 crore votes have been counted.


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