Counting of four rounds has been completed for a total of 243 seats in Bihar assembly elections. In the 38 assembly seats of the state, there is a fierce competition between the NDA and the Grand Alliance. There is a difference of less than one thousand votes between the first and second candidates on these seats. There is a difference of less than 50 votes in some seats, in such a situation everyone is watching the results of these seats.

For example, the Congress candidate is leading in JDU candidate by only eight votes in the Bihariganj assembly seat. Similarly, Mithilesh Tiwari of BJP is leading in Baikunthpur Assembly seat by just 22 votes.

RJD candidate Ajay Yadav leads from Atri assembly seat by just 848 votes. While JDU candidate from Bajpatti assembly seat is trailing by 380 votes from RJD candidate. According to the Election Commission website, four rounds of counting have been done for a total of 243 seats. According to the trends so far, the NDA government seems to be forming once again in Bihar. Out of 243 seats, the trend has come in 238 seats, in which NDA was leading in 127 seats, in which BJP was leading in 73 seats, JDU was leading in 47 seats, VIP 7 and HAM were leading in one seat.


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