In 2005, when Nitish Kumar formed the government of Janata Dal United with the Bharatiya Janata Party, there was a big noise of good governance. Law and order was considered his USP. This USP is tested on the inside pages of the newspaper, where every day the news of crime is full, earlier it was on the front page.

Former Bihar DGP Abhyanand said in a conversation with The Dossier Times that there is more perception than law and order. You ask the common man, from the opinion of him, guess the law and order. They believe that the work done by the Nitish Kumar government from 2005 to 2010 could not continue beyond that.

According to another police officer, in the early years, along with the police’s promptness, what worked was the speedy trial, but this sequence could not be sustained.

Since the record of crime in Bihar is not officially updated since June this year, the statistics of 2019 have been taken in this article.

A police officer listed two possible reasons for this. The first is that crime has increased in proportion to the increase in population and secondly, the rate of crime has increased.

Honeymoon Kidnapping?

Bihar Police started presenting kidnapping cases a few years ago in a different way. This classification includes kidnapping for murder, kidnapping for marriage, absconding in a love affair and kidnapping in various cases. In this connection, the police had also left the show of ‘honeymoon kidnapping’. Such a romantic description of kidnapping shows the creativity of Bihar Police.

During the discussion about crime in Bihar, the government often says that the incidents that are happening are not organized crime.

There have been many such murders in Bihar, which were discussed for a few days. The way the former mayor of Muzaffarpur, Sameer Kumar was roasted with bullets, it is a matter of perception that he is not the center of discussion. Similarly, a builder in Patna was murdered in the afternoon in front of the police station, but it was not discussed for a long time.

According to government statistics, the number of road robberies in Bihar has increased considerably, although its discussion is less. In 2005, this number was 1310 but the number of Road Rabari was recorded 2046 last year.

Similarly, in 2005, there were 973 cases of rape in Bihar while in 2019 the number was 1450.



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