Joe Biden has won the US presidential election and Trump lost. All American channels and Biden himself have started writing Elect President. Now the count of very few votes is left, hence the decision cannot be reversed now. So with Pennsylvania now approaching Biden, his victory is confirmed. In a way, America has sanitized itself. The US has done the job of bringing out a big tendency virus against democracy by applying the election vaccine. Let’s try to understand what will be its effect on the world, America and India.

Many records made in america

Between the Corona virus epidemic there were two elections, one from our Republic of Bihar and one from the united States of America, where Biden won by defeating Trump with record votes. There, the Democratic candidate never got so many votes. It has also made a record of history that a President who is an incumbent has lost in the history of the last 25 years.

Kamala Harris, a black woman of Indian origin, is the first woman to become Vice President in America, this is also a matter of big record. Covid got a lot of votes in Bihar and in America too. Biden won by more than 40 million votes, the result in America is that Jungle Raj is over. It is possible that “Jungle Raj” will now return to Bihar, as exit polls suggest.

Riots can be seen in America

Now on the one hand the relief is that noone can stop the Biden to becoming the President, on the other hand the tension is that the Republican leaders are silent and Trump is still saying that I am winning the election. My defeat means election fraud. They will now try to be very obstructive, have done many cases and get them done. All they can do is delay the formal declaration of the results by getting the recording done in some states.

Now after Biden’s victory, his supporters are seen on the streets, while there are also efforts to gather the Trump supporters. Heavy tensions can also be seen in the next few days. But if Trump does not come out of the White House, how he will be removed is also a big issue.

Why Trump’s defeat a big deal for the world?

Why Trump’s defeat is the big deal for world? That is because America is considered the best democracy in the world, democracy was ending there. There he was promoting the politics of racism, promoting hatred. Trump had become divider-in-chief and now 77-year-old Biden has become Unifier in Chief. Biden is saying that my society has suffered a lot and after I become president, the biggest task will be how to connect this divided society. Democratic countries around the world were keeping an eye on America so that it does not affect the rest of the world, but now it seems that now the wind will change. Now in America, when a person like Trump has braked, it will have a great impact on the world, what will be the effect on India?

Effect of Biden’s China policy on India

Now whether Democrats or Republicans, India has a very deep relationship with America and there is not much difference between the coming and going of any one party. But because our PM’s diplomacy style is very personal and he has shown a lot of friendship with Trump, then this question must be arising. The simple answer to this is that Biden’s arrival is a good thing for India. What will be the effect on India, it will be more decided that what policy America makes about China now. So much will be clear from Biden’s China policy.


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