Joe Biden is about to become America’s 46th president. But before his coronation, full drama, lengthy drama is being seen. Protests, urge to count votes again. Litigation. It is different that Biden has received more votes than any presidential candidate in American history so far. But there is also a truth that this award is like a cup of poison which they will inherit from their opponent. When he assumes office on 20 January next year, he will also have to bear the bitterness of it.

Not united, say ‘divided’ states of america

In fact, the US, which Biden is going to lead, has become very divided and polarized. Hatred and hatred are there and people’s trust is losing each other. In social science, it has been written by social scientists of 11 universities there. People there are full of hatred towards each other. There is such poison in them which is causing deep damage to the society.

This hatred is increasing due to social media in which one community spews venom on another. Politicians raise controversial issues to show their opponent as the devil, and such identity politics is taking root in which white people are full of their superiority, on the one hand, migrants, African Americans and the other ethnic and sexual minorities. The United States has broken the myth of ‘Red, White and Blue’. You can call it the ‘divided’ states of America instead of the United States of America, in which red and blue are sprinkled in different directions. The middle white color is in its place but it has blood splashes of anger and the smell of hate emetic.

America is divided between modern and conservative people – one who is devoid of country and caste bias, the other who remains a stereotype. One says, Make America Great Again, and the other says, Make America White Again. American society is divided between urban and rural, rich and poor, educated and less educated. Some people are inspired by history and want to make the people of the whole world their own, some are shouting ‘America First’.

In 2016, Trump’s victory was ignored as ‘forgotten’, ‘shameful’.

In this election, Biden and Trump, that is, both sides, despise each other. Both are viewing these elections as a competition in which no one is going to lose or gain. Defeat in this competition is unimaginable and its results raise the question of survival. That is why Trump has said that if Biden wins, he will leave America (although we all know that is not going to happen. Trump will redeem his defeat as well. He will be happy to be the star of his ‘Virtual Reality’ show Will go). Biden has requested people on Twitter that ‘we should not consider our rivals as our enemies’, but it seems that people do not get lice on their ears. Even before the counting of votes was completed, Trump claimed that he had won the election. His supporters also attacked some counting centers.

In 2016, when Trump’s easy victory was being anticipated, Donald Trump surprised the world by winning the election. At that time, the people of America ignored Trump’s victory as a mistake. It was also said that this is the result of electoral politics, as a weak candidate stood in front of Trump. After Trump became president, international observers maintained silence and were described as a shame to America. It was not the familiar face of America.

But where does Biden’s victory deny Trumpism

In the US, many political analysts call Trumpism a ‘serial interlude’, that is, a nightmare that is like an accident in American history. But this election has made it clear that this is not so. This is the image of today’s America.

Today’s America is a nativist – he only supports the native. Is a protectionist, instead of international, he thinks only domestic. Racism and hatred for women is filled with cod. When you meet an American, he will differentiate himself from it. He will criticize Trump. Will tell their behavior their craze. He will say that the way Trump has used people’s feelings and prejudices, he says such smooth things in front of the public, that is his nature. Of course, America is not like this. But these elections have made it clear that at least half of the American population sees themselves in the trump. He stamps his consent on the way he thinks, behaves.

It seems that Biden’s anticipated victory is an announcement of everything becoming normal again in America. It is as if the American soul has been freed from the clutches of a man who was unfit for the presidency. but it’s not like that. The American people have not denied Trumpism. Despite that his administration could not compete with Kovid. He greatly encouraged white supremacy. At three-three o’clock at night, they kept making silly tweets. Be fascinated by myself.

The poll analysts got the wrong idea – they gave Trump nearly 50 percent of the vote. Even if Biden becomes president, Trump’s thinking and his ideology are going to stay. Biden’s encounter with Trump was a thorn, and we cannot call this victory a defeat or a refutation of Trump.

In India too, we have seen such defeat

The echo of America’s events can also be heard in India. Despite this, the politics and electoral system here is very different from America. Our own country is also divided and polarized – just like America.

Here too, we get to see the same politics of defeat and victory – the yearning of the soul of the country and its fluttering are heard. Liberal constitutionalism is maintained in the Constitution of America, but its hold on the American soul is loosening. As I wrote in my new book, The Battle of Belonging. In our country too, the ruling party is taking the ‘Civil Nationalism’ i.e. civil nationalism towards ‘Hindi-Hindu-Hindustan’. This is the caste-religious nationalism of the Hindutva movement.

Poisonous politics weakens both India and America

In American politics, race and identity are as strong as religion and caste in India. These are weakening the foundations of pluralism and liberal democracy. Social media in both countries feeds our hate and reinforces prejudices. The top leadership sitting in the capitals of both the countries are thumping their chests. Comes in a trite and makes unique decisions. In India, it appeared as a mess of demonetisation, unemployment and covid, then in the US as a knee to the Taliban, breaking ties with the WHO and a bad arrangement for covid.

Countries around the world consider India and America an example of morality. We have Mahatma Gandhi and a long history of freedom movement. America is considered a land of freedom and opportunities. Ideal of democracy and human rights. The stature of both countries has diminished. Poisonous politics has weakened the credibility of both countries.

The miserable results of the US election have come to light. Perhaps the soul of America will come out of that suffering and bloody present too. But this is a warning for us because we too are going through the same horrific, destructive phase.


(Dr. Shashi Tharoor is a MP from Thiruvananthapuram and this is his third term. He has written 21 books and his most recent book is titled Tharoosaurus (Penguin). He tweets at @ShashiTharoor. It’s an opinion piece. Expressed here Thoughts are the author’s own. Dossier Times does not have to agree with them.)


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