Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said that after consultation with the Chief Ministers and PM on April 11 his government will take a decision regarding the lockdown in the state. At the same time, accusing the central government that the Today, the condition of corona virus would not have been so frightening if those coming from abroad were quarantined and examined on time

Bhupesh Baghel told reporters through video conferencing, “We had already started taking steps in Chhattisgarh. Those coming from outside were investigated. Necessary steps were taken at the level of administration. People also fully supported. ”

He further said, “As soon as Rahul Gandhi expressed concern about this matter, we started preparing in Chhattisgarh. First of all, on 13 March we closed educational institutions, malls, talkies, ministries. The first test was held on 15 March and we got the first positive case on 18 March. On the same day, we imposed Section 144 in the entire state and on March 21, we had lockdown in the entire state. We found 3 more cases and in the case history we came to know that there were people returning from the UK. The number of people who returned from traveling abroad was about 2100. We put them all in an instant quarantine. ”

He said that arrangements were made to help the needy and laborers. Merchants and other sections of society also supported it. He added, “We worked on a strategy to control the price of vegetables. Started the vegetable market; Arrangements were made to weigh vegetable in Bari and started transport. This reduced the price of vegetables by 50%. There are around 65 lakh ration cards in Chhattisgarh, with around 56 lakh BPL. We decided to give them 2 months free ration. Gave 70 kg of rice to everyone and till yesterday rice has reached about 40 lakh families. ”

He added, “Many people in the village do not have ration cards. For them we kept 2 quintals of rice at the panchayat level. Talked to industrialists for one month’s salary, living, food for laborers in urban area. This benefited 39 lakh laborers. We are constantly making arrangements for food and lodging of about 10,000 laborers from other states. We waived two months of electricity bill to avoid congestion. General promotion was given to the children of 8th-9th and 11th. Delivered home to the children of Anganwadi. ”

He said that people of lower-middle income group are also willing to help in this. For this we started “Donation on Will”. Started with 6 trains in Raipur and over 2500 people donated 17000 packets in two days.

Asked about the possibility of the lockdown going forward, Baghel said, “The Prime Minister will hold a meeting with Chief Ministers on April 11 through video conferencing.” In this we will give our suggestion. We will then take a decision on 12 April after discussing with our cabinet colleagues. ”

He said that suggestions regarding lockdown have been sought from various departments of the state government. Baghel said that 11 patients of corona virus have been found in Chhattisgarh, out of which nine have recovered and gone to their home.


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