BJP “fears” the Gandhi, Nehru family the most in Indian politics, feels Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, who also insisted that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is the “only choice” for the party’s national president post.

Mr Baghel said the BJP is also very scared of Gandhi as he constantly raises pertinent issues affecting the people.

“If BJP fears someone or something the most, it is the Gandhi-Nehru family. When Indira Gandhi came to power, then the same Jan Sangh people used to call her ‘gungi gudiya’. They made fun of her using that phrase.

“But, Mrs Indira Gandhi proved that she was an iron lady through her work. When she got a chance, she divided Pakistan & created Bangladesh. The world has not seen anything like what she did,” Baghel told PTI in an interview.

Chhattisgarh CM, a close confidante of Rahul Gandhi, said the Lok Sabha MP is the only pan-India leader fighting against the BJP and RSS across the country.

“Why is the BJP so scared of Mr Rahul Gandhi? He is just an MP. Because, Rahul is down to earth. He listens to the voice of common people and raises their issues,” Baghel said.

Rahul Gandhi speaks about every segment – youths, the unemployed, women, farmers, adivasis, unemployed & scheduled tribes – he added.

“That is why BJP is scared of him… becasue he speaks the truth. Rahul lives in the heart of people and that pinches BJP’s heart,” Baghel said.

Bhupesh Baghel said Mr Rahul Gandhi is the only choice for Congress national president, the election for which will take place by June after the completion of assembly polls in five states.

Asked about the reason behind such confidence in the Congress leader despite a dismal performance by the party in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls under his leadership, the CM said, “That is why he resigned. He had the moral courage to accept that.”

The 2019 defeat was the worst for the Congress along with that of 2014, but nobody raised a finger at leadership, he said.

“Rahul Gandhi worked hard throughout the country. BJP got votes on emotional ground due to the Balakot surgical strike. But, the issues raised by him are still valid… He is the only leader at the national level,” Baghel said.

Talking more about the 2019 general elections, the Chhattisgarh chief minister said BJP leaders were leaving the party before the Pulwama incident took place.

“They did not seek votes for demonetisation or GST. Instead, they asked for votes underscoring the valour of our army after the surgical strike.

“And, they have still not been able to tell how 300 kg of RDX reached the place that killed our 40 jawans. There is no investigation into that. It is a big question,” Baghel said.


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