As thousands of farmers still protest at various borders of the capital demanding the repeal of three new farm laws, a representative group of their unions received a draft proposal from the govt on some key concerns raised by the protesters. The draft proposal has been sent to 13 farm union leaders, including Joginder Singh Urgrahan of BKU (Ekta Ugrahan), one among the most important among nearly 40 agitating unions.

The sixth round of talks between the govt and farm union leaders, which was scheduled for Wednesday morning, has also been canceled. The draft proposal has been sent by Vivek Aggarwal, Joint Secretary in Agriculture Ministry.

In a draft proposal sent by Agriculture Ministry Joint Secretary Vivek Aggarwal, the govt has proposed to offer a written assurance that the prevailing Minimum Support Price (MSP) regime for procurement will continue. It also appealed to form necessary amendments on a minimum of seven issues, including one to allay fears about the weakening of the mandi system.

It is not the farmers but the govt that’s prolonging the protest. the govt knows our demands and knows well about our peaceful demonstration. It can address our concern and that we are going to be gone. We don’t want to take a seat here for long, we’ve got our farms and cattle to seem after, Rajeev Nagar, the Gautam Buddh Nagar unit president of the BKU (Bhanu),


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