Recently Facebook has decided to remove ads or posts related to COVID-19 from the site. At the same time, micro-blogging site Twitter has also banned posts giving false information about COVID-19. The company has banned such posts that are giving wrong information related to COVID-19 to the users. The company says that such posts are against our policies and are sending wrong information to the people.

Twitter has also released a new guideline for its users, along with banning posts that provide false information related to COVID-19 on their official account. It has been clarified in this guideline that users will not be able to post any wrong information related to people’s health on Twitter.

Earlier, Facebook had also banned advertisements giving false information on COVID-19. Also, such posts have been removed from their website, which were giving wrong information to the users regarding prevention or treatment of Coronavirus. Apart from this, Google also DO THE FIVE to protect people from Coronavirus. Help stop coronavirus is initiated.


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