Hello Mrs Pimi Goswami,

Greetings ! As they say it behind every successful men, there is a women and I am assuming the women behind India’s richest journalist is you. At the middle of India’s fight with the pandemic Covid19, the entire nation is debating on your husband Mr Arnab Goswami. I woke up today to a whatsapp forward of Mr Goswami’s clip where he questions or heckles Mrs Sonia Gandhi. The clip was beyond my belief to my hoariest shock. I checked and cross checked it, saw that entire episode of Mr Goswami and has also seen his follow up episode of yesterday as the response to the voices against it in the country. To that I have some fundamental questions on your husband that I want to be responded by you. Hopefully I will be able to address it to the Pimi Goswami : a daughter, a wife, a mother and most importantly a lady.

Question 1: Does Arnab behave with you and your family and friends in similar condescending manner as he does everyday at 9 pm on Indian Television screens or does he bootlicks the well to do and well connected friends of yours as he romanticises with the Patras, the Naqbis and the Malvias in his TV Studios ?

Question 2: Being a wife in love (which I assume you are), do you watch his shows and does not the venom he spews on India’s composite culture trouble you or do you happily subscribe to that hate being a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother ?

Question 3: Does not your friends circulate you the outrageous clippings of him that does round in the social media across the year and how do you manage him being the butt of all joke and pity ?

Question 4: You must be knowing Mr Goswami’s first biggest political interview was of Mrs Sonia Gandhi and he interviewed Rahul Gandhi also and which Arnab has proudly mentioned in public domain that the tapes of Rahul’s interview was reviewed and was with congress for 2-3 days before being telecasted. So what do you think your husband was acting as a puppets of the Gandhis then or as a puppet of the present regime ? Why didn’t he asked these questions to Sonia Gandhi (or the Italian name that he uses) then ?

Question 5 : Mr Goswami claims that the Hindus were killed in Maharashtra because Sonia Gandhi managed to form a govt as she has to report to her bosses in Italy. Could you please explain then wont she would have mass murdered the Hindus when she was the chairperson of the ruling alliance and her party was reigning India from 2004 to 2014 ?

Question 6 : Just googled and Arnab Goswami’s net worth is 835 Cr ( The official one, rest who knows). I dont watch neither my family has Republic TV’s subscription nor anyone in my friends and acquittances network has. So how does he makes soooooo much of money ? What he owns a news network. Ok. In that logic Mr Pranoy Roy who owns India’s oldest news network and a decently viewed network would have been having sky rocketing net worth.

Question 7 : Being a final year MBA Finance majors student, I thought of doing the maths for the previous question myself but alas India Today, NDTV, ABP and other major players other than your husband’s network has their balance sheet and annual reports up in the web. Why is it so Republic Network that strives to be the nation’s voice has hidden its annual report from the public domain ? Why is no information on the promoters, shareholders, board not in the public sphere ?

Question 8 : Last and the least, as I heard you were promoting behind the camera while Arnab was shooting the attack video I assume you know what is the recent fuss about. On listening to the language that your husband Mr Goswami was using on Sonia Gandhi, a widow who lost her husband in a tragic terrorist attack, a senior citizen and most importantly a lady, do you Pimi Goswami, a wife, a daughter and a mother you think he was right in what he did and the language he used ?

If you still think these were questions, I am sorry mam – let me tell you these were abusive rants and your husband Arnab Goswami was trying to heckle a women, a senior citizen, a parliamentarian and a mother. This is not the first time that he has gone on an abusing swansong, he is a habitual offender. Be it with Mohua Mitra, Be it the guests in his shows or others. As I pose these questions to you I believe that you are gutsy enough to respond and answer these questions of mine or confront your husband with these questions. I strongly believe that if Indian National Congress’s president can be heckled in this manner I, you and other women in this nation is no where rear to the basic definitions of being safe. Talking of Hindu Dharma, Hinduism gifts us with the lessons of Mandodari and Ravan. Try to a Mondadori, the society will remember you and that’s your duty. These are the questions that a daughter of the nation wants to know and yes majority of the daughters of India will love to know unlike your husband I wont appropriate the Nation wants to know. Hopefully you will acknowledge the questions. Awaiting a response. Thanks in anticipation !

Best Wishes !

Akriti Sharma

India’s Daughter


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