Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has raised the issue of economy and poor condition of banks in Lok Sabha. Rahul Gandhi said, “The condition of the economy is very bad. The condition of the banks is bad. I think in the coming days, the condition of some more banks will deteriorate in the coming days. ”

Coming out of the house, Rahul Gandhi attacked on the Modi government and said that I asked a simple question, what is the name of the willful defaulters but I did not get their name, got a long speech. The speaker has not given me the parliamentary right to ask secondary questions. It hurt me a lot, being an MP it hurt my right. This is absolutely wrong.

In the Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi said, “The Indian economy is going through a very bad phase. Our banking system is not working. Banks are failing, and more banks may sink in the current global situation. The main reason for this is the theft of money from banks. That is why I asked the question which are the 50 largest bank defaulters in the country, but I was not answered. The Prime Minister says that those who have stolen the money of the banks of the country, I will catch them, but the government has not given the names of the 50 defaulters I have asked. ”


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