Seat-sharing deal between the Congress & the Left Parties was finalised, Leader of Opposition(LOP) in the Lok Sabha & Bengal Congress president Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said on Tuesday.

Addressing a joint press conference with Left Front chairperson Biman Basu, Chowdhury said that the no of seats allotted to both sides could not be disclosed at the moment as several other parties such as the Indian Secular Front (ISF) want to join the alliance.

“If we disclose the number of seats allotted to Left & Congress before finalising how many seats will be given to those parties, it may send a wrong message,” said Congress Leader Chowdhury.

He also said that contrary to the claims of the Trinamool Congress(TMC) & the BJP, “the Assembly elections will not be a two-cornered contest, but it will be a three-way fight as the Left-Congress alliance is very much in the fight.”

Left Front chairperson said that “ we would contest the upcoming Assembly elections as an alliance between the Left Front, the Congress and the ISF.” He also said that RJD and the NCP would also be part of the alliance.

According to sources in the state Congress, the seat-sharing discussion between the Congress and the ISF was yet to make any significant progress as despite writing to Chowdhury seeking an alliance, ISF is yet to send the list of seats it wanted to contest. However, the ISF leadership claimed that the Congress was yet to respond to its letter.

“The seat-sharing issue will be resolved soon,” said ISF chairman Naushad Siddique.


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