When the depositors of YES bank are suffering because of the Withdrawal Limits ,Finance Minister is playing Passing the parcel and blame the previous Govt for this incident but same thing happened with the PMC Bank, public is also scared to deposit their money in Banks, YES Bank crisis is bigger than PMC because PMC Bank, which was placed under similar moratorium only had-

137 branches
800 employees
10+ depositers lost their lives.

YES Bank-

One of the top 20 banks in India.
1,122 branches
18,238 employees.

We were also surprised when we got this info that Big Business houses knew about the YES Bank crisis for the further investigation we tried to find some proof for this, and we found that so many people claimed that they got message from Adani Gas on 25th Feb before the Yes Bank crisis announced to not drop gas bill payment cheque in YES Bank ,look at the SS of the Message


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