Corona virus cases are continuously increasing in the country’s capital Delhi. It is a matter of concern that the number of health workers who are affected by Corona in Delhi is increasing. Health workers have again been found to be corona positive at Delhi State Cancer Institute. Corona virus has been confirmed in a doctor, nursing staff and a sweeper. With this, 21 health workers in Delhi have now become corona positive. Samples of 19 hospitalized patients have been sent for tests. The hospital’s 45 employees have been quarantined at home in view of the growing threat of corona.

OPD is closed after health workers at Delhi Cancer Hospital were found to be corona positive, but the ward is still operational. 60 patients are trapped inside the hospital. There is no protocol to discharge or test patients. All those hospitalized are cancer patients.

Earlier, a doctor was found to be corona positive at Babarpur Mohalla Clinic in Delhi. Apart from this, the doctor of Mohalla Clinic in Maujpur was also found to be Corona positive. Corona virus cases are increasing continuously in the capital. Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain said that so far 669 cases of corona virus have been reported in the state. There are 426 cases related to Nizamuddin Markaz.


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