In Afghanistan, 16-year-old girl Qamar Gul killed three Taliban militants. These terrorists shot Qamar Gul’s parents in their house. After this, Gul came out and took his father’s gun and fired upon the terrorists. Due to this three terrorists were killed and many terrorists got injured.

What was the matter :

Government spokesman Mohammad Arif Abar told The Guardian that at around 1 pm on 17th July, 40 Taliban militants entered in the village of Geriwah in Ghor province. They wanted to attack the family who are supporting the government. Qamar Gul’s father was one of whom the terrorists wanted to kill. When the door of Qamar Gul’s house was knocked on the night of the incident, his mother first went to the door. On seeing the people with weapon, they refused to open the door. After this, the terrorists shot Qamar Gul’s mother, who died there. After that they enter in the house and searches for Qamar’s father and killed him

After this the terrorists returned

Many pro-Taliban militants returned to take revenge the attack. But the security forces personnel already deployed in the village , security forces forced them to return. Afghan government officials have now moved Qamar Gul and his brother to some safe place. Jahan told that apart from his parents he has no other relatives. After this, the photo of Qamar Gul with AK 47 went viral on social media. People started praising the bravery of Qamar Gul.

Taliban often attack

Taliban militants attack villages who are supporting the Afghan government ,Since 2001 when the US removed the Taliban from power, nearly one lakh Afghan civilians have died in these attacks. The Taliban attacks have not stopped even after they are ready for peace talks with Kabul.


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