HS Dorswamy, a 102-year-old elder, said that I am writing my CV. There were some papers nearby on which he had written something. In the dim light of his house on the ground floor of South Bangalore, Dorswamy read the summary of his life written in those papers. He had written everything from his birth in the city in 1918 to the Quit India Movement, Vinoba Bhave’s Bhoodan Movement and the campaign to revive the lakes in Bengaluru. He showed these papers and said, “You can read it and tell me if there is anything anti-national in it.”

Dorswamy, who has been a familiar face in social movements in Karnataka for decades, has suddenly fallen victim to politics. It started when BJP MLA Basangowda Patil Yatanal of Bijapur called him a “fake freedom fighter” and “Pakistani agent” last month and asked for proof of his involvement in the freedom movement. Several senior BJP leaders, including Union Minister Pralhad Joshi, have supported Yatnal’s statement.

last Tuesday, Congress shared a 1971 document. That document was signed by the senior superintendent of the Central Jail of Bengaluru, stating that Dorswamy, a 25-year-old unmarried man, was held in captivity from December 18, 1942 to December 8, 1943.

Dorswamy was also accused by BJP leaders that he had a connection with Amulya Lona Noronha. Amulya is the same 19-year-old girl who has been arrested on 20 February on charges of ‘sedition’ for raising slogan of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ at a rally against civil law. His connection to Dorswamy is being extracted based on a photograph showing Amulya in Koppa, Dorswamy’s residence.

Doreswamy says he is surprised. He said, “I have been leading public life for 60 years. There is a difference in our ideology but I also have friends in BJP and RSS. I never expected that the BJP would attack me like this. ”



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